H S Matthews

“Embrace the Magic”

A Bit About Me

Where do I start?

If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I ever thought I would be an author, I probably would have laughed at you.  Yes, I had dreams of writing a book, but to sit at a computer and come up with a story would have been very daunting to think about.

But, here I am!!

My day job is in finance, I have done that for a long time.  I’ve enjoyed my career, but these days writing has become my passion.  I look forward to being able to quickly lose myself in Lottie’s world while sat at my computer, writing about her adventures.


Read about Lottie’s Adventures!

Away from writing or working, I can often be found walking around the stunning Hampshire countryside around our home with my Husband and our two gorgeous dogs, Beau and Henry.  Both dogs keep us on our toes with their boundless energy (they’re still quite young) and they love to go on long walks! 

So come rain or shine, we’ll be out!

Currently, I’ve written three books in the Lottie Jones Series and a fourth is coming soon!  I’m also in the editing phase of a short story – which is the story  of Alfred, one of the main characters from the Lottie Jones Series.

I am a mother of two wonderful adults, and have three amazing Grandchildren.  I really started writing Lottie Jones because I wanted to create something that my Grandchildren could read and lose themselves in. 

As a young child, I enjoyed visiting far off, magical places through books and my own children experienced the same joy when they began to read the Harry Potter Series.

My Daughter tells me that my youngest Granddaughter (aged 8, and lives in France) has followed in her older brother’s footsteps and begun to read the Lottie Jones books to help practice her English Reading.  It’s really helping her to become confident in her ability and she loves the character of Lottie.